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List Building + Email Marketing Is Your Golden Ticket To Success!

I take the overwhelm out of growing your email list so you can start selling and serving.

Grow Your

Sacred Online Business

Coaches, Artists, and Wellness Experts, are you struggling to get into the flow with your business? Stop spinning your wheels, get clear on your vision and attract your clients! Download the Ultimate SACRED Online Business Formula. Uncover your exact next right steps and experience abundance in your life and business. 

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Grow Your

Sacred Online Business

Coaches, Artists, and Wellness Experts, are you struggling to get into the flow with your business? Stop spinning your wheels, get clear on your vision and attract your clients! Download the Ultimate SACRED Online Business Formula. Uncover your exact next right steps and experience abundance in your life and business. 

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Does this sound like you?

You either haven't started an email list yet or you're just not gaining the traction you'd like to have. 

  • You put out a free offer and you're not getting the sign ups
  • Your website has a generic "sign up for our newsletter" on it.
  • Your lead magnet is stale.
  • You're afraid of not being consistent enough.
  • You want to have a highly engaged email list that loves to hear from you.
  • You want to fill that Zoom room with qualified people and buyers.
  • You have a following in social media, but that hasn't translated into subscribers yet.

Imagine having a simplified, step-by-step process that guides you through everything you need to grow your list, create content that stands out, and positions you as a leader in your industry.


Through private 1:1 coaching & intensives I help you streamline and create a workflow that helps you grow your list and turns followers into subscribers that buy from you.

email marketing
Grow your list organically and authentically
social media marketing
Be visible on social media with creativity and excitement
content creation
Content planning for consistency and flexibility
I'm Ready For a Complimentary Strategy Session

I'm Lisa Hines and I've been in the coaching and online business world since 2003. I've studied under great coaches and I dive deep into email marketing, social media marketing, powerful offers, launches, and all things tech so that I can share with you. I continually seek out learning so that I bring my clients the latest in the industry. I keep it relevant.

I help women who are ready to have a successful online business, and seek freedom with both time and money. It really does start with growing your email list. In fact, it's imperative!

Over the past 11 years, I've learned exactly what it takes to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and avoid overwhelm, distraction, and confusion.

I've figured out the step-by-step formula for how to


~Even When Life Happens!

Are you called to claim your success in 2021?  Last year was certainly a year of great challenges, even though there were silver linings. It's definitely unforgettable. 

Why am I so dedicated to making an impact this year? I had a major medical emergency which landed me in the hospital for over a month and I spent 8 months recovering.

Because of a change in my business just prior, I did NOT have my email marketing systems in place and essentially had to put my business on hold for nearly the entire year. I don't want that to ever happen again and I want to be sure my clients are set up to grow their business no matter what.

I'm definitely on a mission to show women entrepreneurs how to have a solid email marketing strategy that grows your business, even during a major life event. 

As a recent graduate of Magic Makers Coaching Certification, I know 2021 will be filled with focused action and abundant growth.  

I want to bring you on the journey with me. You ready?

With a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, Business Coaching background, along with Website Design, Tech Skills, and Launch Strategies, I am your go-to coach to grow your email list, have that Sacred Online Business and align to your highest potential.

Yes, Lisa- Let's Chat

It's the perfect time for you to jump into the game!

Or, you may be jumping back into the game.  

Either way, if you're ready to get going right now, I've got you covered! 

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Move The Needle Forward

Personalized Strategy for the DIY'er solopreneur. Move out of overwhelm and into **results**.

You have ideas for your business and you're ready to create a lead magnet that converts (beyond just your friends and family) and gain traction in your business. This option is designed to eliminate overwhelm and simplify the process into your very next steps. You'll have clarity and confidence with a manageable plan for the next 30 days that will give you momentum.

Stop wasting time on things that don't move the needle forward. 

I have created strategy plans for entrepreneurs over the years that help them with launching and promoting their offers, overhauled blog strategies, and now I've come up with this simplified process to get you results with your email marketing and list building. 

How it works:

You'll be given access to an in-depth online assessment form (approx. 20 minutes) where you cozy up with your business and give us all the details.

I will review it and customize a 30-day plan designed specifically for you.  These next right steps will take away the confusion and distractions. 

Within 3 business days, you will be emailed a completed plan with a personalized video, plus my checklists. 

Recap of what you get: 

  • Online Assessment Of Your Current Business and Where You Want To Be
  • Customized 30 Day Plan - Next Right Steps To Grow Your List + Biz
  • Tailored Trello Board + Checklist
  • Individualized Recorded Coaching Video With Overview of Your Plan
  • Lisa's List of Vendors and Tools

Who this is for: 

Entrepreneurs who want to do the work themselves, but want an outlined strategy and checklist to implement exactly the next 30 days worth of activities to build their email list. 

Who this isn't for:

The person who who is wanting more in-depth strategies and wants a 1:1 Coaching Intensive. If this is you, CLICK HERE to book an initial free strategy call with me and we will explore whether ongoing coaching or an intensive works for you. 

CoCreate With Spirit

Where I am different...

With a Master's in Transpersonal Psychology, I know the power of aligning your energy to live more mystically and actually fuel your success without burnout. 

Aligning with the rhythm of the seasons, nature, the phases of the moon, and your own cycles is one way you can adopt this philosophy. By doing so, it fuels your success in business and passion for life. 

There will be times when you'll need to take imperfect action and get the needle moved forward. You'll also need to give yourself permission to not take action. Instead, rest and get rooted in your vision.

By taking time for self-care, envisioning, rest and rejuvenation, you're paving the way to manifest exactly what you want with a clear path ahead. 

Use your energy wisely.

I'm passionate about helping wise women, like you, find your sweet spot with your time and energy in your Sacred Online Business.

Let go of limiting beliefs

I'm a 7/8 on the Enneagram and a double Leo with a Virgo Rising. What?! 

That means I'm super enthusiastic about challenging you to be more on purpose, love the life you're living, and to shine your light in your SoulBiz®.

I'm passionate about streamlining and organizing your business and brand strategy. 

I want you to have a life of freedom, more money, more time. Through a strongly organized growth and launch strategy, tech made simpler, and laser like focus of your energy, you'll be more efficient and effective so you can have a greater impact and live a balanced life. 

No matter the stage of your online business, whether starting out or expanding your team, I've got the strategies and systems you need. 

My primary focus areas include:

  • Bringing in Profits ASAP
  • Growing Your Community & Build Your List
  • Branded Content ~ Consistent and Creative
  • Powerful Launches and Invitations ~ Sell Your Stuff!
  • Extreme Self-Care to Rise Higher ~ Protect The Asset (You!)
  • Mindset and Manifest ~ Knowing Your Worth, Having Confidence and Clarity


Spiritually, I help you align with your truest essence, tap into your wisdom and intuitionmaster your energy and time wisely, and find fulfillment in Being, with an emphasis on BE. 

Let's Talk ...

I help my clients create a clear success path for their future, while weaving in hidden opportunities of success right now ~ because why wait?

For a limited time I have opened my calendar for complimentary SoulBiz Breakthrough Sessions. Grow your email list and watch the magic unfold. Get started by clicking below to schedule a session with me. 

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The 3 Top Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Email Marketing + What To Do Instead

Start off on the right foot, even if you don't have a website yet. It's CRUCIAL for your future success. 

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