Teaching your audience what it really takes to grow a
Sacred Online Business without losing their Creative Spirit.


I help educate and inspire audiences on:

💥   The power of creativity and authentic messaging to attract ideal clients.

💥  How to get started with email marketing.

💥  How to create their BEST Lead Magnet and avoid common mistakes.

💥  Effective content planning for consistency and flexibility.

💥  Blending the mystical with the practical into strategy.

Speaking and Signature Talk Ideas

Here are several ideas, and we can always tailor a talk or interview for your audience if it feels in alignment.  

3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Email Marketing + What To Do Instead

This is perfect for the new or solo entrepreneur who could benefit from an understanding of foundational pieces of growing an online business. The focus is on growing your list and audience. 

The benefit from this talk is the emphasis on what to do instead. It's an overview of how to be successful, rather than just the mistakes. 

Sacred Time Management for Balance and Success

Many people are now working at home, but especially as women who have families (young or grown up), there's still this expectation of being available for everyone else.

This talk focuses on how to prioritize work and self-care to have more energy, be more productive and efficient, and still have time to be present for those things and people that align with your purpose and values. 

5 Keys to Your Best Lead Magnet

As solo and multi-passionate entrepreneurs, they may have a free offer or newsletter opt-in but it's not converting well. Creating a stellar lead magnet that she can be loud and proud of, that actually consistently leads to better results in launches and courses is the primary focus here. 

I break it down into 5 key elements that will have ideal clients saying yes. This talk is for the person who already knows they need to up their list growing game because they have plans!

How Your Creative Spirit Enhances Your Success  

Working on launches and a new business without help can be draining and discouraging at times, leading to many hours behind a computer screen. 

By harnessing energy and cultivating more creativity, it unlocks a new approach that is rejuvenating and creates a more joyful flow in both business and life. 

What They're Saying...

Now Accepting Requests for Podcasts, and Guest Speaking

I am currently accepting and reviewing requests for interviews and speaking engagements.

Speaking in front of groups, presenting, and teaching has always come naturally for me.  In addition to taking courses to become better at speaking, I've incorporated speaking and teaching into my career path along the way. When practicing Real Estate, I was also the trainer and coach for Realtors at Prudential California Realty as a Certified Career Development Coach. When I was the Workforce Investment Board Coordinator, I facilitated the regular meetings with over 40 members. I enjoy talking in live groups, and via zoom.

As a certified coach in the industry since 2003, I've lead courses and training programs along with hosting the Unstoppable Solopreneur Telesummit in 2014 with numerous guests. 

If you'd like to invite me to speak or be a guest interviewee, please fill out this brief form.


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