Grow Your Sacred Online Business 

 Without losing your creative spirit!




No matter how awesome you are, you need to have an audience of people that know you and are ready, willing, and excited to buy from you.

Launch With Success

I am here to help you:

◈ Attract an audience that wants to buy from you

◈ Stand out in a crowded market

◈ Create engagement with your people


Being a solo, multi-passionate entrepreneur takes energy and time, especially in the growth stage.


But, it doesn't need to rob you of having fun while earning money.


You can experience balance and success.

What if you could attract your clients while cultivating your creative, authentic expression?

That's the magic of aligning your work with the dreams in your soul plus working with a coach who has years of online marketing and technical experience coupled with a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology & Creative Expression.

Unfortunately, many coaches only specialize in one specific area or purely on strategic theory alone.

That leaves you piecemealing your business together, spending an extraordinary amount of time and money on various programs and coaching, while still figuring it out for your specific business, and learning the technology piece all on your own. 

The end result is too much time, energy, and money spent only to be frustrated and disappointed.

Around here, I employ coaching with a holistic approach that creates momentum, results, and longevity. 

I use my wisdom and intuition to support when you need to improve your mindset or when you need to hone in on business marketing, strategies, and principles.


That’s why most successful entrepreneurs have multiple figure launches - because they have larger lists and audiences already established. 

But you know what? You don’t have to wait to begin establishing yourself as an expert authority, but you do need to get a few ducks in a row.  

This is where I come in.  

As someone who has been in the coaching industry since 2003, and with plenty of less-than-stellar launches along with some really good ones, I'm here to make sure you're taking the right steps forward to:

  • grow your list with your ideal clients and customers 
  • become known and visible for your specialties
  • have successful launches and sales

You're in the right place!


If your'e interested in private coaching to hone in and move the needle forward on your Sacred Online Business, scroll down and reserve a time slot to have a no-cost conversation. 

SPACE IS LIMITED for these coveted spots. If you're seeing this message, it means I currently have availability. 

She stepped into learning something totally new


"Lisa is a natural speaker and teacher. She is very knowledgeable and is able to translate this knowledge to digestible units. She is a fine facilitator with the ability to bring people together, working together, to create powerful events with take-aways for all participants. She is organized with informative handouts, doable assignments, and usable templates."

Her email list grew by over 1000 with One Launch

Rebecca Snowball

Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach

"Having her behind the scenes and by my side was the exact support I needed to create my successful telesummit where I interviewed 20 experts and grew my email list by over 1000 new people. Lisa also managed my recent 5-Day Be Strong, Flexible, and Fit Challenge where I grew my group by over 400 new members and my email list by another 300. The best part about working with Lisa is she's both practical and spiritual. "

As a woman in her 60's she learned the practical strategies that made her business blossom

Diane Lemon 

"Lisa has both technology and strategy know-how and is intuitive and creative herself. If you sign on with her, be ready to see yourself in action right away. With Lisa, I feel all my learning and efforts are finally coming together in a way that allows me to work authentically, autonomously, at my pace, but using proven techniques."

Let's Talk

I help my clients create a clear success path while weaving in hidden opportunities of success right now ~ because why wait?

For a limited time I have opened my calendar for complimentary SoulBiz Breakthrough Sessions. 

Bring in the power of action and get started by clicking below to schedule a session with me.

I look forward to talking with you in a no-pressure conversation.

I truly want us to see if it's a right fit.

Soulbiz Journey


Wondering how to get started growing your list, upgrade your lead magnet, or get the word out there for your next launch? 

Here's your chance to get laser-focused attention on your work. For a limited time, you can get a laser-focused coaching session with me.

- (1) 60 minute intensive



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You've been around for a little bit, and you simply want personalized coaching to lay out the next 60-90-180 day plan for your launches and/or business. You're an action-taker and you want the benefit of getting to the heart of your business planning and strategy in a streamlined manner.

3 VIP Experiences to choose from: 

- VIP Audit and Review 

- Half-day VIP Intensive

- Full VIP Experience

INVESTMENT FROM: $495 - $1800

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SoulBiz Power Launcher


You're looking for private coaching over 3-6 months to carry you into the next transformation of your business, whether you're ready to start playing bigger, or you're just tired of trying to figure it all out by yourself. 

You're ready to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that will establish you for lucrative launches, more clients, and more sales.

I'll walk you through growing your list, establishing easy new habits for content and social media marketing, and priming your audience for your next launch.


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Let me know more about you and your business, and I'll be sure to whip up the perfect solution for you. 

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I'll be sure to get right back to you.

I'm Lisa

What do you get when you blend a Leo, Virgo Rising with an Enneagram 8? A perfect combination to  combine powerful marketing strategies in a simplified and organized manner and couple it with a creative and intuitive flair to keep it fun, yet effective.  I have a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis on Creative Expression.  I've been in the coaching arena since 2003, plus I have a background as a Realtor/Broker and I've been a Workforce Investment Board Coordinator.

I love my pottery studio, gardening, cooking, wildlife and nature, and spending time with family.

What does this mean for you?

It means I have years of experience in marketing, communications, strategy, and project management. I know how to help you honor the calling in your soul and hone in taking actions that are powerful and effective. 

I also know what it's like to be multi-passionate and combine your skills to be in the most powerful version of yourself. 

When COVID hit l was already in process of pivoting my business, but it was even more important. You know those moments where you realize your audience was geared towards something completely different, and you think oh my gosh I need to revamp my whole entire email list and lead magnet?

Yeah, that's where I was in Spring of 2020. Then I landed in the hospital with a major medical emergency (non-COVID). I was stuck without the ability to do anything in my business and it all came to a stand still. It's those moments, maybe less dramatic, where you get pulled away from your business with family matters, outside influences and circumstances that keep you from growing your business. 

I'm on a mission to make sure that you are never caught off guard or "out of business" due to life's circumstances. Once you have the foundational pieces in place with consistency, clarity, and confidence, your business has the ability to continually grow, and grow in amazing ways. 

I am absolutely passionate about helping women just like you grow a profitable Sacred Online Business so you have freedom, profitability, and more joy.

I combine all my years of coaching and training along with my Masters in transpersonal Psychology to bring you a holistic approach to growing your business. I continually invest in my own business growth through high-end programs so that I bring you cutting edge marketing strategies, technical know-how, and then weave in a bit of the spiritual mystical magic.