3 Keys to Creating A Quiz Lead Magnet

entrepreneur lead magnet quiz Jun 09, 2021
quiz lead magnet

You’ve probably heard by now ~ Quiz’s have a high conversion rate of an average of 60% or more, resulting in more leads for you.

People love to be playful and understand more about themselves. This can lend to really good list growth, and is particularly beneficial when you have your strategy and planning done correctly.

Creating a quiz is recommended for the entrepreneur who already has some traction in their business, already has some valuable content created, and a very clear picture of who their target audience is.

If this is you and you want to take your lead magnet to the next level of a quiz, you’ll want to start with these 3 important questions in order to get the best return on investment. Yes, a quiz is an investment of both time and money.

These key take-aways assume that you already know your audience really really well and have worked with them either one-on-one, or in a group environment. You have clarity on your target audience and it's already proven to be solid for your business.

Key Area 1 = Know Your Audience

What are the 2-4 buckets, or categories, that your quiz-takers would land in?

Think of the doorway your clients meet you. Your ideal clients might include 3-4 different types of sub-clients, or might be in a different level of their path of transformation.  

What is their level of marketing awareness? Meet them where they are.

For example, I work with women entrepreneurs that are looking to grow their list with strategy and mindset support. My audience typically falls into these main areas of growth:

  • They are creating their first lead magnet, and they are at the early stages of learning the power of email marketing and audience building. 
  • They are creating a funnel specific lead magnet, meaning they are up-leveling their lead magnet to lead directly into a launch, course, or program. 
  • They are revamping a stale list to re-engage after a period of time-out, and/or starting something a little bit different than they have done in the past. 

Another example for a yoga teacher's clients:

  • The beginner yogi
  • The advanced yogi
  • The returning yogi

A life coach for relationships- example of client buckets:

  • The woman who is recently divorced and finding herself again
  • The woman who is in a mediocre relationship and has lost her sense of confidence and identity
  • The woman who is ready to find a healthy, supportive relationship

Key Area 2 = Start with the end in mind. 

What will the results of the quiz provide the person? What’s the benefit they will receive? Why should they take the quiz? 

Quiz types include:
Personality typing or interpersonal revelations (people love learning more about themselves through a different lens).

Assessment or progress style, think “next steps” (people also love knowing how they can improve their situation) What will the results be? 

You'll need to provide a written summary, video, or audio, or a combination of all three for each of the categories or results. 

Include additional content/resources for each of the result types: (think binge-worthy and valuable content to continue their journey). You could provide additional links to your blog posts, youtube videos, or podcast, for example. 

Key Area 3 = How does it relate to your future offerings?

How will your nurture sequence lead them forward on their path towards your offerings?
How does it tie in with your services, courses, or programs? 

You have an opportunity to really help others in the transformation you offer by being a guide or leader on their path. Strategy and clarity is a key component here.  

Running a quiz is an investment of time in creating it, and additionally a quiz platform (provider) requires a monetary investment. Will you be getting a return on your investment by having this quiz? If you carefully think out and plan your quiz, the results, and how it relates to your clients and your business, you can ensure your money and time are wisely spent and  have a successful list building tool that attracts the right audience. 

If you’re considering creating a quiz, let me know where you are in the process and what your immediate leading edge of learning curve or growth is? In other words, where are you feeling the greatest challenge?